Alexandra & Gianpierro

Alex and GP’s luxury wedding was spectacular, not only because they looked stunning, but because the venues were historical, beautiful, and oozing with Montreal luxuriousness. We could not be more happy to have been able to capture this cinematic wedding a sunny day as the guests entered the famous Mary Queen of the World Cathedral the team captured them getting into their antique car, with much honking and applauding by the bystanders, as they headed off o the luxurious St. James Hotel situated in the heart of Old Montreal. The St. James hotel dates  back to the 1870’s and is a restored former Merchant’s Bank. Our cinematic film captures their first champagne toast as a couple in their truly breathtaking wedding suite. Alexandra took away our breath when she appeared with yet another wedding dress for the reception which was held at The Windsor Ballroom. Check out the beautiful flowers and incredible chandelier in our cinematic film as they danced the night away.

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